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eastconsult trade in used machinery from a range of industries on behalf of our clients to and from Russia. Some of the industries in our network include wood–based panel board production, processing of timber and production of finished goods, paper production, construction materials production, metalwork, plastic goods production and waste recycling.

Here are our current offers:

Ceramic facility equipment for sale

Due to liquidation of ceramic facility – DPF ceramic filter 
producer (aluminum titanate Diesel Particulate Filters) 
we suggest you the following used equipment in accordance 
with the actual list of devices for sale (porcelain producer).

Detailed information

Khife ring flaker, Maier production

Quantity: 2
Capacity: 6-8 t
Condition: NEW
Impeller: VCPE 1400 21
Knifering: VCPE 1400 60
Detailed information

Bürkle Short Cycle Through-Feed Press Line ODW 2038/300 for Wood Boards Filming with Melamine

Manufacturer: Bürkle
Type: ODW 2038 / 300

Detailed information

Texpan Dryer and Körting Burner

Detailed information

Impregnation unit VITS Type IPA / S / II

Operated with melamine for paper impregnation.
Year of manufacture: 2001
Working width: 2200 mm
Working speed: 3-75 mm/min

Detailed information

Friz Düsen Laminating Line

Construction year: 1995
Manufacturer: Friz Düsen
Type: KWX 1400

Spraying machine ven spray, VENJAKOB production
Construction year: 2014
Manufacturer: Venjakob
Type: Ven Spray Perfect
Control : EPS CNC 7000

Cardboard Production Line (Corrugator)

Construction year: 1989
Manufacturer: Peters

Yavor Lamination Line

Construction year: 1996
Manufacturer: Yavor

Voith Tissue Machine

Manufacturer: Voith

LEDINEK MICROTEC - Complete line of timber production BSH

Year of manufacture 2013
In operation since 2015
Very good overall condition

Siempelkamp 12-storeyed Plywood Press

Manufacturer: Siempelkamp

Chipper-canter LINCK/ EWD, primary processing USED, secondary processing NEW

Sawing log: 3-5 m
Diameter: 10-50 cm
Side boards: 2x2 pcs
Side boards: 2x1 pcs
Sawing depth on multiple saw: 80-300 mm
Feeding: approx.
30/80 m/min. (step 10 m)

Linck Chipper-Canter Circular Saw Mill

Construction year: 1998
Manufacturer: Linck
Type: EV40-V40-KCS 6

Wärtsilä Dual Fuel Engine 8.7 MW

Year of manufacture: 2012
Manufacturer: W
Type: W20V34DF


Built: appr. 1986 - 2007
The equipment as well as control block (Siemens) is in a very good state.



Chipper Canter Line LINCK PL / 706 018

Year of manufacture 2015
Сondition: new

Pellet production line

Pellet production line state: used
Power: 8 - 12 t per hr
Components: 17

Panel saw Schelling Plattensäge mit Lager Systraplan
Producer - Schelling mit Plattenlagerlager Systraplan
Control - Schelling
Optimization - check
Plate dimensions max 4300 X 2100 mm
Plate thickness min-max 8 - 60 mm
Cutting length 4300 mm
Working height 125 mm

Painting line Venjakob

Article Number: 90734
Manufacturer Venjaikob
Type HGS Single
Year 2001-1995

Sanding unit for PB production OSUS-NOVA-S 260/8-K/K/FS/NS OPTIMA MS
Manufacturer address: CH—9015 st.GALLEN/SCHWEIZ
Equipment type: OSUS-NOVA-S 260/8-K/K/FS/NS OPTIMA MS
Serial number: 303624
Year of production: 1989

Chip drying unit SwissCombi of ecoDry assembly
Manufacturer: SwissCombi
Type: ecoDry
Year of production: 2001
Capacity: approx.. 32 t/h wet chip with 110% atro
Vaporation q-ty(water): approx. 16.000 kg/h
Natural gas consumption: max 15 mW Hu (range of adjustment 4-15 mW)
Special consumption: approx. 810 kcal /kg vaporation

Paper Impregnation line Vits
Second-hand VITS paper impregnation line for sale from European company.
The line is in very good condition. eastconsult can also arrange shipping, transportation, import and assembly if so required.

Four side planer Weinig Unimat 1000
Producer - Weinig mit Nutenbett
Type - Unimat 1000
Year - 2002
Planing width 20 - 230 mm
Planing height 8 - 120 mm

Single side edge bander Homag Kantenanleimmaschine KAL 310

Article Number - 98994
Manufacturer - Homag
Type - KAL 310/7/A20/S2 Year - 2007
Program - Woodcommander
Control - Powercontrol PC 22

Andritz line of pellet production 4 - 5 tons
Wet grinding section
Intake and wet mill section
Drying section
Dry grinding, hammermill section
Pelletmill section Tools for PM30-3 pellet mill and others

Paper Impregnation line Vits
Year of production - 1991
Manufacturer - Vits, Germany
Heating medium - Thermal oil

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